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Review: 4-day holiday fun - the circus experiment

During the Easter holidays, children were able to try out different disciplines, as they are also known from the circus world. The play offers followed the situational approach of the circus pedagogue Olaf Schmeisser from the MitmachZirkus Düsseldorf e.V..  

The children had different disciplines to choose from to find out their talents and preferences. Everything could be tried out, whether unicycling, running on the slackline, acrobatics, trapeze and tire gymnastics, barrel running or various juggling. Those who had found their discipline could learn it properly and deepen their skills. Some children of the more than 20 participants first tried out different things in order to find the favorite. Sometimes tears flowed when the training simply did not want to succeed right away. This was then out of disappointment, which fortunately was rarely the case. And if you are with so many children as a group all day long, the soft skills are also trained. At the beginning we asked if there should be a performance and almost unanimously it was said: under no circumstances. But at the end of the project, most of the children wanted to show their parents what they had learned. From Friday noon, the parents were invited to have their kids' tricks shown to them and even to try out disciplines themselves.

Review Bicycle Spring

On Sunday, 03.04., Lisa and I from the AJA, together with Tarik and Judy from KiJuPa, were at the Bicycle Spring 2022. 

We started preparations early on, so that our stands were ready to start shortly before 12. We had a "Pimp my Bike" station and a cocktail stand (alcohol-free, of course) up our sleeve.

The weather was more april-like than it had been for a long time. In a moment the sun was shining and suddenly the rain and the wind came. Nevertheless, we were able to make some children and teenagers happy with our self-made bicycle bells, stickers and soft drinks. 

At the "Pimp my Bike" station, everyone could live out their creativity: there were bicycle bells to spray, glue and decorate, all sorts of stickers, artificial flowers and of course spray cans.

The bicycle auction next door was more than just well attended from the beginning. On the other hand, it was a little quieter with us. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. I was able to do magic with Clown August, Tarik was able to take a picture, Lisa put herself in danger to entertain the audience and Judy was able to exchange ideas with visitors. 

Me and we are definitely looking forward to the next bicycle spring and many more visitors.

PS: Take a look at the photographic and film experiments impressions. :-)


Today we report on loneliness.
– What do you feel when you are lonely?
– What is loneliness actually?

Loneliness is the worst poverty and the feeling of being unnoticed and unwanted.  Only in the moment of loneliness do we realize how much the closeness of a certain person means to us.  – Mother Theresa

You are lonely when you are marginalized by friends, classmates, or maybe even family – you feel alone and unprotected.

Loneliness can arise from many possible situations. Bullying is the everyday thing, if you are bullied once or constantly, you are afraid to open up to others and seek closeness, because you no longer have confidence and you think that the person would then do the same with you – so you get used to being alone most of the time.

"Being alone is nice when you want to be alone. Not if you have to."
Source: https://www.spruch-des-tages.de/

You want to escape this situation? Then you've come to the right place!

Of course, I can't speak for everyone, but it helped me personally to write down all my feelings somewhere. Most of the time I did this at night because I was more thoughtful and focused.

What do you achieve through these notes?

Through the notes you've written down, you can see if you've felt a relief after completing a chapter of your "story." In addition, you will notice over time whether you have become happier or sadder and even more lonely from day to day. When you became happy, you achieved it. :)

But if this method didn't work, try to talk openly about it with a person you trust – then you'll feel a little relieved. Your trusted person will certainly help you in some way by giving you e.B. advice that you will get along with to some extent.

It is important not to give in to the feeling any further, but to tackle it.

"The worst loneliness is not being able to stand yourself." – Mark Twain

So be yourself and don't let people get you down easily!

What can you do about being alone?
How and where can I find someone who shares the same interests as me?

Most young people attend concerts or clubs, youth centres, clubs and many different events. Maybe you will find someone there who shares the same interests as you. Surely it will happen that you make friends with someone there. How it happens, you should not worry about it. As soon as someone approaches you, the rest happens by itself. Be open to your fellow human beings, even if you see them for the first time – dare to address people you find sympathetic.

I believe in you and so should you! <3