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On the road at the "Dance into May"

On 30.04.22 it is time again. The "Dance into May" is about to take place and now even without restrictions.

After contacts have been limited in the last two years and no one has really dared to do something in large groups, you can celebrate the "Dance into May" this year quite exuberantly. (Of course, we still advise conscientious behavior - not only in relation to the pandemic, but also to alcohol ;-) )

Is the dance in May still a topic among teenagers / young adults? Because we don't have a real answer to that, we'll find out for ourselves on Saturday. 

We will be traveling throughout the city with water, snacks and ourselves as people. We have an open ear, provide you with everything you need (if you have drunk e.B. over the thirst) and are at your side with help and advice.

So feel free to contact us if you need our support. Otherwise we will see each other somewhere in Dinslaken. :-)

You can reach us at:

0151 - 61 36 07 95 (Ines)

0173 - 57 03 29 8 (Jan Patrick)

on the way AJA - Aufsuchende Jugendarbeit