AJA - Aufsuchende Jugendarbeit

The AJA is a cooperation between the Diakonisches Werk, the Kinderschutzbund Dinslaken/Voerde e.V. and the city of Dinslaken. Among other things, it is aimed at young people and young adults (12 - 27 years) in public spaces who are not or do not want to be connected to youth centres. 

Outreach youth work aims to improve the life situation of adolescents/young adults in their everyday lives through support, accompaniment and advice. By mediating with further help offers, individual needs can be developed and problems/conflicts can be solved in the best case.

The AJA is the contact person and supporter for the implementation and realization of project ideas, whether large or small. In addition, it offers alternative and individual offers for leisure activities.

The team consists of four employees. The point of contact is the "Hexenhaus", which can be found at Brückstraße 11 in 46535 Dinslaken.

For more information, especially about offers and promotions, the AJA can be found on Instagram (aja.dinslaken) and Facebook (aja.din).

Brückstraße 11, 46535 Dinslaken