Review: 4-day holiday fun - the circus experiment

During the Easter holidays, children were able to try out different disciplines, as they are also known from the circus world. The play offers followed the situational approach of the circus pedagogue Olaf Schmeisser from the MitmachZirkus Düsseldorf e.V..  

The children had different disciplines to choose from to find out their talents and preferences. Everything could be tried out, whether unicycling, running on the slackline, acrobatics, trapeze and tire gymnastics, barrel running or various juggling. Those who had found their discipline could learn it properly and deepen their skills. Some children of the more than 20 participants first tried out different things in order to find the favorite. Sometimes tears flowed when the training simply did not want to succeed right away. This was then out of disappointment, which fortunately was rarely the case. And if you are with so many children as a group all day long, the soft skills are also trained. At the beginning we asked if there should be a performance and almost unanimously it was said: under no circumstances. But at the end of the project, most of the children wanted to show their parents what they had learned. From Friday noon, the parents were invited to have their kids' tricks shown to them and even to try out disciplines themselves.

by DRK Dinslaken
DRK Dinslaken
02.05.2022, 12:48