Review Bicycle Spring

On Sunday, 03.04., Lisa and I from the AJA, together with Tarik and Judy from KiJuPa, were at the Bicycle Spring 2022. 

We started preparations early on, so that our stands were ready to start shortly before 12. We had a "Pimp my Bike" station and a cocktail stand (alcohol-free, of course) up our sleeve.

The weather was more april-like than it had been for a long time. In a moment the sun was shining and suddenly the rain and the wind came. Nevertheless, we were able to make some children and teenagers happy with our self-made bicycle bells, stickers and soft drinks. 

At the "Pimp my Bike" station, everyone could live out their creativity: there were bicycle bells to spray, glue and decorate, all sorts of stickers, artificial flowers and of course spray cans.

The bicycle auction next door was more than just well attended from the beginning. On the other hand, it was a little quieter with us. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. I was able to do magic with Clown August, Tarik was able to take a picture, Lisa put herself in danger to entertain the audience and Judy was able to exchange ideas with visitors. 

Me and we are definitely looking forward to the next bicycle spring and many more visitors.

PS: Take a look at the photographic and film experiments impressions. :-)

by Ines (AJA)
Ines (AJA)
08.04.2022, 10:43